To all of you K-Dave streaming listeners, especially my loyal followers in Missouri: due to the varied and hot weather we have been experiencing this summer (of 2016) my wireless uplink to the re-streamer has been intermittent at best.  I apologize for this and have several ideas to fix it.  As of this writing though I all have been able to do is reset it manually when I see that the link has been broken.  For some reason it gives up after some small number of retries and gets locked out until I reset it.  Ideas that cross my mind are to force a reset every so often, say 30 minutes.  This would mean you’d hear a few seconds of gap as a song is playing.  No big deal but also no guarantee that another disconnect wouldn’t happen just a few minutes into the process requiring a long wait until another reset.  A more ideal solution would be to watch the stream and when it is broken force a reset.  I haven’t figure out how to do that yet but it might work (and actually I haven’t researched the code for the 30-minute forced-reset yet either).  An even better solution would be to set up a server with all the music at the same site as the re-streamer and eliminate the need for a wireless uplink.  That’s a long-term goal I guess but has the advantage of not consuming my wireless upstream bandwidth.  If you’re interested in what sometimes causes the problem you can check a ham radio VHF propagation map to see where the likelihood of interference lies.  When a red “mirror” shows up over Watertown or our area it allows interfering signals to drop in on us and make our wireless upstreams much less reliable.  This mainly happens during hot stretches in the summertime so come the fall we’ll be less likely to see this type of problem. You can listen to K-Dave streamed via the Internet, but if you use Windows Media Player you’ll need to download and install this plug-in to hear it:  OpenPlsInWmp2Setup.exe  Running this will allow your version of Windows Media Player to open the “.pls” file that starts the streaming audio.  Then you can listen to K-Dave, if it is “on the air” when you try to connect.  If you get an error and Windows Media Player won’t run, consider trying VLC, an open-source (free) video/audio player that works very well and handles the .pls file properly.  Or try this Flash-based player, but be aware that you’ll lose the sound if you navigate away from this page.

Here is an embedded Windows Media Player for those of you running an appropriate browser on a Windows machine:STANDBY=”Loading Windows Media Player components…” TYPE=”application/x-oleobject”>WIDTH=”600″ HEIGHT=”192″ ShowControls=”1″ ShowStatusBar=”1″ ShowDisplay=”0″ autostart=”0″> Note: On occasion the “Now Playing” data is absent or stuck on a previous song.  I try to keep it current and working but it has… issues sometimes.  Sorry…  You can listen to the K-Dave Station ID:

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