Here is a compilation of Joyce Brothers’ piano and vocal recordings:

Many of my topics overlap putting all my non-K-Dave and band-related music links here seemed to make sense, at least to me. If you request a userID and password you can access my music collection using the comprehensive and amazing Subsonic streaming server.  For more info on this truly amazing bit of programming visit the Subsonic site.

Here’s the Infinite Eternal Jukebox!  Simply play one of the available songs.  There was a time you could upload the song of your choice but the current version pulls from Spotify so there’s a good chance your favorite song can be ‘infiniteized’.  The algorithm finds various re-entry points and plays the song forever, but in a nearly random fashion so it repeats, but.. differently.  As the website says: “When your favorite song just isn’t long enough”.

For more music-related items see my K-Dave and Bands pages.

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