I am married to DeAnna.  Some of her recipes, mine and those of friends and relatives may be found at the Recipes link above.  We have a son, Dan who returned to Watertown in 2006 to start a family.  Dan and Michelle were married on our back yard deck one warm August day in 2006.  They have a son,  our grandson, Dexter, and he has has his own website.

I work at Minntronix,

a company that manufactures magnetic components located in Watertown, SD USA.

I once owned a significant stake in  Data Truck, now owned by LTD.

I administrate the web site for an event that is also Watertown residents’ best reason to clean out their attics, the annual Sunrise Drive Rummage Sale

Contact: me@davelevasseur.com

I created my first website in the 1990s.  This this is what it looked like back then.

Thanks for stopping by!