I am married to DeAnna.  Some of her recipes, mine and those of friends and relatives may be found at the Recipes link above.  Our son Dan returned to Watertown in 2006 to start a family.  Dan and Michelle were married on our back yard deck one warm August day in 2006.  They have a son,  our grandson, Dexter with his own website.

I retired from Minntronix a division of Standex Electronics, effective May 31st, 2024:

Minntronix manufactures magnetic components located in Watertown, SD USA.

I am open to magnetics design consulting.  If interested you can contact me at the Magnetic Domain,  once the name of a Bulletin Board System (BBS) son Dan and I ran in the early 1990s.

The Magnetic Domain

I once owned a significant stake in  Data Truck, now owned by LTD.

I administrate the web site for an event that is also Watertown residents’ best reason to clean out their attics, the annual Sunrise Drive Rummage Sale

Contact: me@davelevasseur.com

I created my first website in the 1990s.  This this is what it looked like back then.

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