Welcome to my new website.  I created it using WordPress, a website development tool that powers around 20% of all websites.  My Old Site is still available for now

I am married to DeAnna.  Some of her recipes, mine and those of friends and relatives may be found at the Recipes link above.  We have a son, Dan who returned to Watertown in 2006 to start a family and help his dad.  Our grandson, Dexter, has his own site.

I work at Minntronix,
a company that manufactures magnetic components located in Watertown, SD USA.

I’m involved with Data Truck

A provider of wireless Internet service in Watertown.

I administrate the web site for an event that is also Watertown residents’ best reason to clean out their attics, the annual Sunrise Drive Rummage Sale.  Need to find our house (15 Sunrise Dr.)?

The local theater, Odyssey 5’s Movie ScheduleOdyssey5Logo
Only because I can never remember their name and how to find their schedule.

Contact: me@davelevasseur.com

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